Montserrat Alsina • Umbrella: to bad rain, a good umbrella, 2017 Collagraph

Under no circumstance an umbrella shall be opened inside the house. To go against this belief can create a bad omen which sometimes can even bring death. It is a relatively new superstition just because umbrellas were brought to Europe in the 17th century. Its symbology comes from the oriental parasols, symbol of royalty. It was said that to open the umbrella it was as if the natural cycle of the reign of light (the sun) would be interrupted thus angering the Gods.

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Montserrat Alsina (b. Venezuela) is a multidisciplinary artist, teacher and cultural worker. She received a B.A from Rhodes College in Art, Psychology and Education, and an M.F.A. in Performance from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is co-founder of 18th St Pilsen Open Studios and Colibri Studio Gallery. She has taught in a number of Arts organizations in Chicago and for the last seven years at North Shore Country Day School. She received a number of grants from the Illinois Arts Council as well as from NSCDS giving Alsina the opportunity to travel to different countries to do research and create prints. She has exhibited in the U.S.A., Mexico, and Canada.



Superstitions Vol 2




Montserrat Alsina