Carlos Jesús Martínez Domínguez • Paquitos, 2016 Lino, digital, screen print, glitter and pen

My piece equates religious beliefs to superstition. Most religions teach that lack of faith in their specific religion will result in consequences such as damnation. While I believe MOST do this, including marginalized smaller faiths, I zero in on the worst offenders in my opinion, the three Abrahamic religions, with their intolerant notions of ONE jealous god that gets mad at the idea of you praying to another. I can’t think of bigger or more dangerous superstitions. I was indoctrinated without my consent into one of these dogmatic superstitions as an infant and escaped at the age of eleven.

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Carlos Jesús Martínez Domínguez, Caribbean New Yorker, Atheist on some days, Non Theist Agnostic on others, Liberal, Socialist, Advocate, Agitator, Ethical Polyamorist, Marijuana Enthusiast, HS dropout, GED holder, Autodidact, Educator, Debater, white people fearing, Hip Hop, Sneaker, Comic and Sci-fi loving Dominican Puerto Rican Interdisciplinary Artist born on a military base in North Carolina in 1976. Carlos Jesus Martinez Dominguez a.k.a FEEGZ, Figaro & Firo173 has exhibited taught and spoken in dozens of institutions nationally and internationally, really. He lives and works between Washington Heights and El Barrio, NYC, where he was raised for most of his life and is an educator at The Museum of Art and Design and El Museo del Barrio among several other educational foundations and groups. States the artist: “My Work conveys my anxiety and thrill regarding history, how that history manifests in the present, and present’s implications for the future. While I have much respect and pride in my cultures, I would rather shine a bright light on things some believe we should reanalyze as opposed to playing the cheerleader for them.” /



Superstitions Vol 2


Glitter and Pen, Impresión Digital, Linocut, Screen Print


Carlos Jesús Martínez Domínguez