BettyAnn Mocek • Back…Back…It’s Gone! Linoleum Print

Chicago’s Billy Goat Tavern owner William Sianis brought his goat Murphy to Wrigley Field, the Chicago Cub’s home ballpark for game 4 of the 1945 World Series. The odor of his goat was bothering some fans and Sianis was asked to remove his goat. He was insulted and left the park with Murphy and supposedly cursed the Cubs from winning another pennant or World Series. The Cubs lost the 1945 World Series to the Detroit Tigers, and did not win a World Series championship again for 71 years until 2016. I am a lifelong Cub’s fan and an artist/printmaker. If you are a Chicagoan, if you love the Cubs, if you love baseball, you know this story and you know your heart skipped a beat in 2016 when the Cubbies finally won it all. The curse is gone, I lived to see it go away and created this print celebrating the mystery of sports, curses and art. The title is also a tip of the hat to Cub’s radio/T.V. announcer the late Jack Brickhouse.

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BettyAnn Mocek is an artist who creates urban themed prints, drawings and mixed-media works. She is also a Professor of Art at Concordia University Chicago as well as Gallery Director of the University’s Gallery since 2002. She holds a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Printmaking from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree with Honors from Carthage College in Wisconsin. Mocek is a prolific artist who has exhibited in over 200 exhibitions in the U.S. and abroad. She has received many awards, including Carthage College’s Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award, Chicago Artists’ Coalition’s Service to the Visual Arts in Chicago Award and the Chicago Society of Artists’ Woman of the Year Award. Her works are in numerous public and private collections, including: The Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, China, Willis (Sears) Tower Sky Deck (TriZec Hahn Property Management), Chicago, the Fairmont Hotel, Chicago and Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company.



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Linoleum Print


BettyAnn Mocek