Cynthia Marris • Sal de Ahí, 2016 Screenprint

My mom would always scold my sisters and I when she saw any grains of salt that we spilled outside of our plates. Apparently, every grain of salt that a person spills and does not clean up during their lifetime is picked up after their death, with their eyelashes. These spirits with unfinished business roam our dimension looking to clean up after themselves, and cannot rest in peace until all the grains are collected. Family and friends my mom grew up with in Michoacán, Mexico, where my mom was born and raised, believed this superstition to be true. I am uncertain of its popularity outside of where she grew up, but it is one of my favorite superstitions because it prompts the person taking it in to visualize death and time.

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Cynthia Marris (b. 1989 Chicago, Illinois) is currently working toward receiving her Associate in Fine Arts (Studio) from Harold Washington College in Chicago, Illinois. She began screenprinting in 2006 and has also explored intaglio, lithography and relief printmaking. Her work is usually influenced by the music she listens to, and is always meant to be more of a release than a statement. She has exhibited work alongside other printmakers in Chicago, in venues such as Prospectus Art Gallery, Chicago Tourism Center Gallery, and Harold Washington College. She also opened the door to her studio during Pilsen Open Studios weekend in October 2016.



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Cynthia Marris