Melissa Gerleve • One for Sorrow, 2016 Linocut

My piece is based on a traditional children’s nursery rhyme about counting crows. According to the old superstition, the number of crows one sees determines if one will have bad luck. One Crow signifies bad luck, loss, death, and/or an unpleasant or catastrophic change. It is quite rare to see a lone crow as they are a gregarious species, as it is a quite rare and catastrophic occurrence to have Donald Trump as our next president.

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Melissa Gerleve is an artist and educator born (1985) and raised on the outskirts of Chicago. She graduated with a Bs.Ed from Northern Illinois University with a concentration in painting. For seven years, she has worked with the Chicago Public Schools, and is currently working towards building an Arts Magnet program for 9th-12 grade students. She enjoys working collaboratively to create, or inspire place-based work. Her personal work focuses on mixed media and is often inspired by found objects, mementos, small collections, or the deconstruction and reconstruction of old works



Superstitions Vol 2




Melissa Gerleve