Nicolás de Jesús • Martes, ni te cases ni te embarques (On a Tuesday, Neither Marry nor Ship Out), 2016 Etching & Aquatint

Tuesday was consecrated to Mars, the God of war in Latin mythology, it was considered bad luck day to undertake something important. To this superstition also allude sayings “everywhere every week has its Tuesday and for a miserable man, every day is Tuesday.” In other cultures, such as the Egyptian and Turkish, was also considered ill-fated day.

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Nicolás De Jesús (b. 1960 Amelyatepec, Mexico) a Nahua Indian, whose hometown is well known for the traditional painters of amate paper. Nicolas is by experience self-taught and an artist by heritage. In 1981 he traveled to Mexico City to learn printmaking at Artegrafias Limitadas printshop. In 1988 he visited Los Angeles, CA and later he moved to Chicago where he settled for almost a decade. He promoted his art through the Mexican Museum from that city and became a co-founder of the Taller Mexicano de Grabado in 1990. Nicolas has exhibited in France, Japan & Indonesia through the support of the L’Association pour l’Estampe et l’Art populaire.



Superstitions Vol 2


Aquatint, Etching


Nicolás de Jesús