Israel Torres • Tepusilam, Linocut, 2016

The Mexicaneros from San Pedro de Xicoras in the state of Durango maintain the old story of Tepusilam, a deity female that is linked with the Earth and the morning star. They say that she appears in the hills as a young and beautiful woman who manages to attract young men. After she has seduced them, she devours them. The mexicaneros celebrate a ritual called Xuravet, which was especially created to satisfy the voracious appetite of the goddess.

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Israel Torres (n. 1981 Durango, México) He is a graphic artist who has worked on the design and making of several artist’s books including: Bestiario de lo insólito y lo inesperado (bestiary of the unusual and unexpected) 2009 and Sotol, La Magia del desierto líquido (the magic of the liquid desert) 2014. He has dabbled into animation with two short films La extraordinaria historia del abuelo Nemías (The extraordinary history of the grandfather Nemías) 2010 and El sueño de la realidad produce monstruos (the dream of reality produces monsters” (2014). Currently collaborates with the Laboratory of Arts TETL, developing together with inhabitants of indigenous communities, artist’s books that collect traditions, customs and world view of indigenous peoples. This includes: Yolkampan (2013) and “Atsajsilistle” (2015) in the State of Guerrero as well as “Xuravet” (2016) in the mexicanera community of San Pedro de Xícoras in Durango.



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Israel Torres