Juarez Hawkins • Kiss It Up to God, 2016 Linocut

As children, we believed that if we dropped our candy, we could kiss it up to God and it would be magically clean and restored. Our mantra was “God made dirt, and dirt don’t hurt”. It was offering, prayer and affirmation all at once––and we got to eat our fallen treats.

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Juarez Hawkins, a native of Chicago, is an artist, performer, educator and curator. She received a B.A. from Northwestern University, and a M.A. in Interdisciplinary Art from Columbia College Chicago. Her work examines the evolution of identity, spirituality and the body. Juarez has exhibited widely, hosting solo exhibitions at Concordia University, the 33 Collective Gallery, and the South Side Community Art Center. She is a member of Sapphire and Crystals, a collective of African American female artists. Juarez serves as Lecturer and Curator at Chicago State University.



Superstitions Vol 2




Juarez Hawkins