Melissa Anthony • Nothing but Luck and Living, 2017 Linocut

There’s this notion going around that if you open your third eye, you’re more aware of what is actually happening in the world. And once you’ve acknowledged this other world, then your life will be lived better. I chose to represent this expression along with other symbols that portray good luck. .

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Melissa Anthony is an up and coming artist born in Chicago and raised in the south suburbs of Markham, IL. Art has become a luxury in the sense that it requires valuable time. I use that time to create things for my pleasure and for the pleasure of others. These creations are artifacts, stamps of places and time. I share these artifacts through my prints, paintings, custom shoes, and drawings. My intent is to move the heart as the eyes do. I create art assuming that there are no rules, therefore boundaries can be challenged. Time is awarding me with opportunities to meet those boundaries and surpass them. I am an artist.



Superstitions Vol 2




Melissa Anthony