Mark Nelson • Mark Nelson Who’s your Daddy? 2017

Etching This work represents propaganda as a form of superstition, specifically Airborne leaflet propaganda. This art form has been used as early as 1870 in the Franco-Prussian War during the siege of Paris. The idea that George Washington, our self-proclaimed father of our country becomes the Arabic Father figure head is not as farfetched as it might appear considering the death of so many cultures by the appearance of MTV across satellite dishes world-wide beginning in the 1980’s. Propaganda in who’s your Daddy? uses both satire and truth according to the cynically aligned destruction of one middle-eastern country after another over the last two decades. And since there is little distinction between superstition and religion, religion always seem to be used as a excuse for destroying a culture with too much self-determination.

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Mark Nelson (b. 1957 Oakland, California) a longtime resident of Chicago, is an artist and educator. He received a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and an MFA University of Illinois at Chicago. Before arriving to Chicago, Nelson traveled extensively overseas. Through a series of interdisciplinary projects, he has explored inequity in labor, racial profiling, cultural demonization, and economic domination. While his early artwork in Panama was forged in the politically and socially charged arena of a 1970 – 1980’s Central America, it was Nelson’s arrival to Chicago where he began to expand his media repertoire. Over the years, Mark Nelson established himself within the community of Chicago as a laboring artist and teacher. Nelson studio and home is located in Chicago’s historic Pilsen neighborhood.



Superstitions Vol 2




Mark Nelson