Celeste Jaime • Llueve adentro (It Rains Inside), 2017 Linocut

The umbrella, object that protects from rain and sun, turns against its carrier attracting a calamity if it is opened in the interior of a house. I mix this superstition with the “throw the salt”, a popular saying in Mexico concerning the attraction of bad luck or frustrated plans. Thus, the character in the play after opening the umbrella inside home, is a victim of salt rain and misfortunes to come.

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Celeste Jaime (b. 1983 Morelia, Mexico) graduated from Morelia’s Fine Art School. She develops artistic projects in the field of the graphic arts including artists’ books in Mexico. She has participated in more than 25 group exhibitions both in Mexico and in artistic forums of USA, Costa Rica, Chile, Bulgaria and Spain. She received an honorable mention in the Alfredo Zalce´s National Biennial (2007) and in the Latin-American Competition of Exlibris (2002), and her work has been selected in several bi-annual exhibitions in Mexico.



Superstitions Vol 2




Celeste Jaime