Eric Cortez • Witch Window, 2016 Serigraph

I have always had an interest in the occult and mysticism. Growing up I would always hear of ways in which people, especially my relatives, would protect themselves from evil through prayer, ritual cleansings, and enchanted objects. While researching the origins of such practices I came across a rather peculiar superstition from Vermont that deals with preventing witches from entering people’s homes with witch windows. These windows are installed into houses at a diagonal because the locals believe that witches are unable to fly through diagonal windows on their broom sticks. Many homes in Vermont use witch windows today.

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Eric Cortez (b. 1986 American) is a Chicago based artist who explores mark making as a cathartic process. In his current work, he reflects on his journey of self-discovery through figure drawings that encapsulate intimate moments of emotional struggle. In 2011 Eric received an Associate in Fine Arts from Harold Washington College where he currently works as a drawing and printmaking tutor. He has exhibited his work at multiple venues in Chicago which include the Ronald Williams Library, Northeastern Illinois University, and Harold Washington College. He will graduate from Northeastern Illinois University in 2017, completing a Bachelor of Arts in studio art with a concentration in



Superstitions Vol 2




Eric Cortez