Aliosky García • Untitled, Linocut, 2016

“Don’t walk under ladders” I hear my grandmother tell me as a child. But, secretly, I often times did it to see what would happen. You know that nothing ever happened. Today I am sure that what happens is only what we want to happen. Sometimes we have opportunities in front and we don’t see them, we locked ourselves, we get into a shell… That’s why, when you see a ladder, step up, find out what is beyond it, there you may find the answer to your doubts and uncertainties.

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Aliosky García Sosa (b. 1979 Cienfuegos, Cuba) studied fine arts from 1996-2000 in the Oscar Fernández Morera Fine Arts Academy in Trinidad, Cuba and from 2001-04 he studied set design in Habana. He has presented over one dozen solo exhibitions in several Cuban cities and participated in numerous group exhibitions in galleries and university centers including United States, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Sweden, Australia, Puerto Rico, Canada, England, France, Switzerland and Spain. Aliosky is currently Art Department head of ISA Universidad de las Artes in Habana, Cuba.





Superstitions Vol 1


Aliosky García