Juan de Dios Mora • Al que coma chicarrones por la mañana, al día siguiente no le salen canas (He Who Eats Pork Rinds in the Morning, Won’t Get Gray Hairs the Next Day), 2016 Linocut

Older people are looking for a remedy to their gray hair. They have tried natural healing, pharmaceutical, and other hair care treatments. They believe that eating piglet pork rinds early in the morning will miraculously rejuvenate them and stop gray hair from growing.

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Juan de Dios Mora is a printmaker, painter, and art instructor. He is currently a Lecturer II at the University of Texas at San Antonio. He has been part of solo exhibitions in Texas and juried exhibitions in museums and galleries in the USA, as well in Japan and Mexico.





Superstitions Vol 1


Juan de Dios Mora