Stano Gredzo • I Am Watching You, Screen print, 2016

In my print titled “I Am Watching You,” I did not illustrate a specific superstition, but rather the feeling one gets when a superstitious thought appears

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Stano Grezdo was born in 1972 in Czechoslovakia. He studied at The Graphic School of Bratislava, 1986 – 1991, studying the history of printing, graphic design, book-making, and typesetting. Afterward he was employed in the print shop in his hometown as a printing press operator. As the concurrent revolution in then Czechoslovakia progressed, Stano was exposed to a spectrum of printed propaganda and protest materials through his work at the printing press, including fliers secretly printed for protests. Some years after the revolution, Stano moved to the U.S., carrying with him the themes of Soviet propaganda, nationalism, and revolution that surrounded his life in Czechoslovakia. Those themes and the related symbols emerged in his work as the foundation of his own esthetic and symbolism.



Superstitions Vol 1


Screen Print


Stano Gredzo