René H. Arceo • Con la zurda no!, Collagraph and chine colé, 2016

When I was about six years-old and ready to start learning to write, my parents decided to tie my left hand behind my back so that I would learn to write using only my right hand. Until then I had been using my left hand for everything to the point that my mother would call me “zurdo mano de queso chueca” (lefty crooked cheese hand). My parents considered being left-handed a bad luck. Why, I don’t know. All I could ever think was that in my town there were some left handed people whom my parents didn’t see as role models. Being the only left handed out of twelve children it must have been an unaccepting proposition for my parents.

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René Arceo (b. 1959 Michoacán, Mexico) is a printmaker, painter and as a cultural worker builds bridges that connect artists and arts institutions to foster printmaking. He co-founded Galeria Ink Works (1984) and the Taller Mexicano de Grabado (1990). René has exhibited in Poland, Mexico, Spain, Nicaragua, Canada, France and the United States. He received numerous awards including two Governor’s International Exchange Program from the Illinois Arts Council to travel, lecture and exhibit in Lublin, Poland (2002) and in Paris, France (2006). In 2003 he founded Arceo Press to promote international printmaking exchanges through the creation of print portfolios where artists collaborate and seek exhibition opportunities abroad. /Arceo Press.



Chine Collé, Collagraph


Superstitions Vol 1


René Hugo Arceo