Nicolás de Jesús (Chilpancingo, Mexico): Ratas del mundo, 2008

Ratas del Mundo (rats of the world). We can not call it with another name since the obvious consequences of the global political economics have pushed and trapped humanity in a corner. Now humanity is captivated by the destruction caused by those few who misuse the natural resources that belong to the majority of the people in this planet. Those privileged few are part of well organized mafia which is responsible for the current economic disaster, wars, hunger and the massive migrations of people to the rich countries. The wealth of those countries comes from the exploitation of developing countries in complicity with politicians who betray those who trustily voted them in. Those politicians are part pf a few millionaires who instead of representing pride should represent humanity’s shame.

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Nicolás De Jesús (b. 1960 Amelyatepec, Mexico) a Nahua Indian, whose hometown is well known for the traditional painters of amate paper. Nicolas is by experience self taught and an artist by heritage. In 1981 he traveled to Mexico City to learn printmaking at Artegrafias Limitas printshop. In 1988 he visited Los Angeles, CA and later he moved to Chicago where he settled for almost a decade. He promoted his art through the Mexican Museum from that city and became a co-founder of the Taller Mexicano de Grabado in 1990. Nicolas has exhibited in France, Japan & Indonesia through the support of the L’Association pour l’Estampe et l’Art populaire. He promotes printmaking, his colleagues artwork and their ancestral culture.



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Nicolás de Jesús