Kristin Meller (Paris, France): Pura vida, 2008

This print represents two skeletons making love. They have either become skeletons as a result, or – I prefer this version – they are coming back to life with this love making. Some people say it looks as if they have scarlet fever. Yes, you could say that. Others say they look like Siamese twins. Not wrong either. As for the dangling green limbs, perhaps it was inspired by an English ballad; “Greensleeves was all my joy.” And the yellow liquid could have come out of a champagne bottle…

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Kristin Meller (b. in London, England) graduated from the New Sorbonne University, Paris, in literature and linguistics in 1986. With no training in the arts, in 1986 she painted a series of life sized skeletons on wood in homage to J. G. Posada for the Museum of Modern Art in Paris. In 1992, she painted an image on the Spanish Conquest for Amnesty International. In 1993, she began creating a series of accordion books, inspired by the pre-Columbian codices. Kristin started printmaking in 1997, learning first woodcut at the ADAC studios in Paris and, in 1999, she learned intaglio at the Paris City Art Studios. In 2000, she set up her own printmaking studio in the 20th quarter of Paris and founded the Association pour l’Estampe et l’Art Populaire. Since then, she has been entirely dedicated to printmaking. She exhibits her work regularly in France and abroad. She teaches woodcut to fellow artists.



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Kristin Meller