Gabriel Rodríguez Trinidad (Chilpancingo, Mexico): Y el Viento los Trajo de Vuelta, 2008

Y el Viento los Trajo de Vuelta (and the wind brought them back). My print shows a representation of our towns’ traditions. The return of the deceased transformed into souls, in the shape of different animal species, come back to enjoy what mother earth gives us.

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Gabriel Rodríguez Trinidad (b. 1981 Cuanacaxtitlán, México) showed interest in art since he was little, but it was not until age 17 that he met painter Jaime Ignacio Lopez. Based on his experience at Mr. Lopez’ Studio, Gabriel becomes a full time artist. He enrolles in the Bachelors of Fine Arts program at the Centro Universitario Simón Bolívar. He graduates in 2002, the same year he met artist Nicolas de Jesús, with whom he is a co-founder of the Tixtlarte Printshop. Some exhibitions include: village hall at San Luis Acatlan (2001), “Nuu Savi” at the House of Culture in Acapulco (2002), “Una Lucha por la Madre Tierra” in the town of Tixtla (2005), “Cielo Rojo” at IMCE in Chicago. He is currently an active member of “Tlimoyotl” printshop. He is an assistant of printmaking and teaches children’s classes in rural communities.



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Gabriel Rodríguez Trinidad