BettyAnn Mocek (Chicago, USA): Z Bohom, a Piš, 2008

Z Bohom, a Piš (Go with God, and write). This is a Slovak farewell. Translated in English it reads: “Goodbye, and Write” or “Go With God, and Write.” This is usually said to the living but, when said at a wake or funeral to the deceased, it is said with love and hope that somehow the two shall connect again. In this piece, I focused on the souls of eight deceased individuals who I loved and who shaped my life – grandparents, my father, aunts (Tetka) and uncles (Svako). Keeping in the tradition of the Mexican Day of the Dead, I used family symbols and Slovak foods that best represented each person. And many times the symbols are humorous, because humor plays an important role in good lives. This print represents the elements of engaged people…they worked hard, played hard, volunteered much and ate with gusto…there was great care for each other and for their community, be it the park district, the neighborhood kids or the church. My grandparents all immigrated to the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago, just like so many Mexican families. This connection has always fascinated me and helps show that our life stories are really the same. The only differences being the era, the skin color, the hair color and the language of the individuals. “Z Bohom, a Piš” my dear loved ones. This piece is my way of fulfilling that sentiment…my way of writing to them and in doing so I feel their words coming back to me… so the dialogue between us continues… Z Bohom, a Piš..

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BettyAnn Mocek (b. USA) is currently Professor of Art at Concordia University Chicago since 2002. She is also the Gallery Director of Concordia’s Ferguson Art Gallery. Mocek creates prints, drawings and mixed-media works of art. Mocek also holds the terminal degree of Master of Fine Arts in Printmaking from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree, cum Laude and Honors in Art from Carthage College, Kenosha, WI. BettyAnn Mocek was a recipient of the Carthage College Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award 2007, Kenosha, WI. Mocek was also awarded the Chicago Artists’ Coalition’s 2003 Service to the Visual Arts Award in Chicago. She also received the honor of Woman of the Year 2001 by the Chicago Society of Artists, for her significant service to the visual arts community. Her works are in numerous public and private collections, including: The Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing (Peking), China.



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