Liliana Gerardi • Libélula (Female Dragonfly), Linocut, 2016

I think we need a positive change in the world. Because of this, I decided to choose a positive symbol for my work, instead of something we associate with “bad luck.” The dragonfly is a symbol of light and change. When the dragonfly shows up, it reminds us to bring more light and joy into our lives.

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Liliana Gerardi (b. Argentina) Liliana Gerardi has a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts from the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo with a major in Printmaking. Since 1990, she has participated in exhibitions in Argentina, Mexico, Panama, Brazil, Spain, Belgium, France, The United Kingdom, Egypt, China, Japan and the United States were she has resided from 2000. With a strong commitment to spread engraving techniques in the South Florida area, she spends part of her time giving workshops in museums and galleries in Broward and Miami-Dade. Liliana has her printmaking studio at the Lauderhill Arts Center in Broward, Florida.



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Liliana Gerardi