Scherezade García • Good Luck of the First May Rain, Linocut, 2016

Spring time is time of love, new beginnings and the blooming of flowers. It is said that if you are caught in that first May shower…you will be full of good fortune for the rest of the year!

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Scherezade García is an interdisciplinary visual artist born in Santo Domingo, The Dominican Republic and based in Brooklyn, New York. Through her practice of drawing, painting, installation, sculpture, animated videos and public interventions, she creates contemporary allegories of history, colonization and politics. Garcia’s work frequently evokes memories of faraway home and the hopes and dreams that accompany planting roots in a new land. By tackling the collective memory as well as the ancestral memory in her public intervention and studio base practice, Garcia presents a quasi-mythical portrait of migration and cultural colonization.



Superstitions Vol 1




Scherezade García