Fulgencio Lazo (Sattle, USA): Todos Santos, 2008

Todos Santos (all souls day). Living with the aroma of fruits, our spirits arrive accompanied by hope and motivated by happiness for the future. They are here to celebrate the movements of dance and rhythms of music and share in our spaces, forms and colors. They’re inside and outside the house, illuminating more spirits.

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Fulgencio Lazo (b. 1967 Oaxaca, Mexico) studied under Maestro Shinzaburo Takeda at the Fine Arts School in Oaxaca, graduating in 1989. Trained as a printmaker, Lazo also works with acrylics on canvas. He works in both Seattle and Oaxaca, showing at Seattle Art Museum Gallery, Galeria Indigo In Oaxaca, Mexico, and Valle de Bravo, Mexico. He has had over 40 solo shows throughout the US, Mexico, Japan and France, and has numerous pieces in public collections. He is a longtime board member of Seattle Print Arts.



Día de los Muertos: Common Ground




Fulgencio Lazo