Carmen Alarcón • Agua de sal (Salt Water), 2018 Relief print on HIPS sheet

Water is the main element of existence, it is a gift that has been granted to us by Mother Nature, she offers us her heart, her blood and her tears to give us life, she gives us the vital liquid that flows through her veins, Water is a sacred symbol of purification, it flows from within, it washes us, it nourishes us. Her tears, rain that flows from her heart, celestial gift, sacred gift that we must preserve.

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Carmen Alarcón (b. Guadalajara, México) Visual artist and researcher of artistic graphics in Guadalajara, where she lives and works. She has twice been awarded the Hall of the October Prize, and was also awarded the Hugo Salinas Price Contemporary Design Prize. Her work is in important private and public collections. She has more than one hundred collective exhibitions and fifty individuals in different national and international museums.





Relief Print on HIPS Sheet


Carmen Alarcón