Ioulia Akhmadeeva • La verdad del mundo/ The truth of the world, 2018 Siligraph (dry lithograph) and silkscreen

Water is life, we are water, our world is water, the reason for my inspiration was the Balandra beach landscape in Baja California Sur, Mexico. There celestial blue water melts in the sky and the millenary desert rocks that surround it are part of an almost lunar landscape. The poem that is part of the image in the picture, was written by poet Raúl González from Michoacán:

el mar de azul profundo.
al mundo en sus matices.
es la verdad del mundo.

the sea of deep blue.
the world in its nuances.
It is the truth of the world.


There are words of water in Russian, Spanish and English, words in the water, in the clouds and in the mountains, everything moves and transforms. Air, water, earth, that we are …

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Ioulia Akhmadeeva (1971, Krasnodar, Russia). Lives and works in Mexico since 1994. Visual artist and full-time professor at the Michoacán State University of San Nicolás de Hidalgo, in Morelia, Mexico. She works and does research in the areas of graphic arts, printmaking and artist’s books. She has participated in more than one hundred collective exhibitions and eleven individual shows in different national and international museums and received awards in national and international competitions. Her work is in important private and public collections: The Bancroft Library of the University of California, (Berkeley, CA, USA), Special Collections of Stanford University Libraries (CA, USA), University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries (UTSA Libraries, USA), Art Library Artist’s Book Collection of University of North Carolina (USA), Museum of Fine Arts F. I. Kovalenko (Krasnodar, Russia), Taiwan Museum of Art, Taichung (Taiwan, Republic of China) and others.





Siligraph, Silkscreen


Ioulia Akhmadeeva