William Acedo • Las últimas vaquitas (The Last Vaquitas), 2018 Reduction Linocut

Kwii-Kah-Pah (The land/people of the cloud forest). The great fertile estuary at the mouth of the Colorado River, with its once great lakes and vast wildlife, has evaporated into oblivion, largely due to the greedy thirst of the Southern California metropolis. Of the tens of thousands of “vaquita,” a native river porpoise that once thrived in this region, only thirty remain alive.

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I was born Guillermo Jose Acedo in Jalisco, Mexico and raised in northern California beach town. Moving to Los Angeles in 1986, I encountered a city vibrant in art and culture. My involvement at Self Help Graphics opened the world of Chicano and Latin American art with its fearless beauty and skill. I am deeply honored to make a contribution to Arceo Press Atelier, a press that keeps this legacy alive.