Israel Torres • Gu Kautab, 2018 Linocut

At 3,340 meters above the sea level in San Bernardino de Milpillas, Durango, Mexico is Gu Kautab or Cerro Gordo, sacred place shared by Wixárika, O´Dam and Cora. The O´Dam say that there was a huge flood and the only ones that survived were those who reached the tip of the Gu Kautab, so from this location human life restarted. Every year at the end of the dry season, the O´Dam pilgrimage to Cerro Gordo and perform ritual of garments to ask for good rain and lay down pinole, coins, candles, pulque, macuche and flowers for “the Father of All,” since Gu Kautab “is the header of the springs of all places, from all over the world”.

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Israel Torres (n. 1981 Durango, México) is a graphic artist who has presented exhibitions of art illustration and printmaking. His main focus is in the pathway of design and the making of artist’s books like Bestiary of the Unusual and the Unexpected (2009) and Sotol, the Magic of the Liquid Desert (2014). Together with inhabitants of indigenous towns he has developed artist’s books that recollect different traditions, customs, and worldviews including: Yolkampan (2013), Atsajsilistle (2014) and Xuravet (2016) in the mexicanera community of San Pedro de Xícoras in Durango. He recently coordinated the project “Tiyoltoke Tisovajmej” which honors women Embroiderers, knitters, midwives and healers who keep alive ancient knowledge in a Nahua community in Guerrero, as well as “Prints Desert Song,” which outcome is a graphic songbook about the traditional Cardenche singing from the semi-desertic lagoon region.







Israel Torres