Stephanie Santana, Brooklyn, NY, We Been Here Serigraph

We Been Here is a 2-color screen print featuring my great aunt, Aunt Bootsie, sitting at a picnic table and enjoying a hot dog. In response to the recent political uprisings and calls for justice, often resulting in requests for Black people to perform additional labor, I reassert my right as a Black woman to rest; my right to leisure. We have been engaged in the work and will continue to be engaged, long after trends have passed.


Stephanie Santana is a textile artist, printmaker and surface designer based in Brooklyn, NY.

Her current work references family photographs and documents, layering hand printed images and patterns as a way of understanding the space between memory, imagination and the physical evidence of Black life.

She earned a BA in Communication Studies, 2006, and a degree in Textile and Surface Design, 2018, and is a founding member of Black Women of Print, a homeplace for Black women printmakers. She believes in the possibility that textiles and print hold — as record-keepers, as protection, as tactile objects of enduring personal and cultural significance.

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The Dream Deferred


Stephanie Santana