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AMER’ICAN (n). A native of America; originally applied to the aboriginals, or copper-colored races, found here by the Europeans; but now applied to the descendants of Europeans born in America. ~ Noah Webster Dictionary, 1806
ABORIGINE (n), An indigenous inhabitant of a country : one of the native people especially as contrasted with an invading or colonizing people
RULE OF LAW (n). A principle under which all people, institutions, and entities are accountable to laws that are: publicly promulgated, equally enforced, independently adjudicated, and consistent with international Human Rights principles.
CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS (n). A liberty or right whose protection from governmental interference is guaranteed by a constitution: religion, speech, press, assembly, petition.
HUMAN RIGHTS (n). Are rights inherent to all human beings, regardless of race, sex, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, or any other status. Human rights include the right to life and liberty, freedom from slavery and torture, freedom of opinion and expression, the right to work and education, food water and more. Everyone is entitled to these rights, without discrimination.


Sonja Henderson is an American artist who received her B.F.A. from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Painting and Drawing and her M.F.A. from the University of California at Berkeley, in Sculpture and Installation. At Berkeley, Sonja created life-size earthworks and temporal structures made of natural materials calling attention to aboriginal architecture, feminine forms, sacred space and cultural identity.

In Chicago, Sonja uses restorative and social justice practices to impact under-served communities and give voice to the People. Sonja considers human rights, equity, inter-generational healing and restoration when creating projects like the Mother Healing Circle or with larger public installations and community engaged spaces like The MLK Living Memorial. Sonja Henderson’s artwork embraces indigenous culture, lineage and communities while building enriched communal spaces. Sonja believes art and activism to be a powerful conduit to collective healing and the reclaiming of one’s personal history.

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The Dream Deferred


Sonja Henderson