Pepe Coronado, Austin, TX, Recast, 2020 Serigraph

My practice consists of two–dimensional mixed media pieces and site-specific installations. The work engages both the Caribbean and American cultural landscape both in its content and materiality. I like to marry the language of painting and drawing with elements that reference traditional arts and crafts.

I have repeatedly engaged and woven the iconography of African-derived religions with personal, historical, and colonial narratives.

I want to open a space where personal and collective memories can be revisited as places of cultural resistance and resilience but also as a door to the universality of my and the viewer’s experience.


Pepe Coronado (b. Dominican Republic) M.F.A. from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. Founder of Coronado Print Studio, Austin, Texas and New York City, a collaborative space with a concentration on print projects with Caribbean descent American artists and founding member of the collective Dominican York Proyecto GRAFICA. Former master printer for Pyramid Atlantic, Maryland; the Hand Print Workshop International, Virginia; and the Serie Print Project in Austin, Texas; He has taught printmaking at Purchase College School of Art and Design, SUNY; at the Corcoran College of Art; Georgetown University; and at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. Visiting artist at Self Help Graphics in Los Angeles. Exhibits his work and the Coronado Print Studio collection nationally and internationally.

 My work is based on expressing ways where some issues are manifest, my interest lies in Borders, boundaries and historical events that have effects in our current situation and the relationship in its many forms between the Dominican Republic, Haiti and the United States.

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The Dream Deferred


Pepe Coronado