Rosenda Aguilar • Germinal, 2018 Etching

The Purépecha was called “Michuacuan” to the territory assigned to them by their God Curicaveri, meaning: place next to the water. The gods, from the endless sky, in their joys and sorrows, shed their tears to form streams, rivers, lakes and seas. Divine eyes supply us with this source of life. Remember its gifts is to value them. My aesthetic expression on this precious liquid wants to remember to care of, protect to preserve us.

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Rosenda Aguilar (1943 Morelia, Michoacán) the visual arts have been the activity of her life and her aesthetic expression. At an early age, she transformed materials within her reach into a creative production: bread dough, mud, clay, gum, paper napkins, toothpicks, residues of coffee in cups, all sticks, with her hands she turned everything into faces, landscapes, birds. She learned formally from Alfredo Zalce, Lorena de Santiago, Mizraim Cardenas, Alfonso Mata, Ludwig Zeller, Pedro Ascencio, Pablo Rulfo, Matías Sánchez, and Julián Guerrero. She has participated with her work (painting, sculpture and prints) in more than 50 exhibitions, both individual and collective, in the country and abroad. She continues to learning, in she is full activity.