Baruch Vergara • Water-Falls, 2018 Etching and aquatint

Our nature is wild and of sublime expectation with a vulnerable temperament just like a teenager. When we look at a waterfall, we realize its relentless movement, that same energy that humankind has when it explodes and shouts no matter the clatter when it falls. Ravaging this, water carries its course, and mankind his cause. The water falls, the man falls, both are at play. Forces spill over, something is out of control. The overflowing energy excites us, and so does speed, volume, and mass. It is a lie that less is more, more is always more and is insatiable. And although the fall is inevitable, both natures will never stop. Who has fallen more times?

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Baruch Vergara is Mexican and lives in Puerto Rico for twelve years. His work reflects aesthetic and axiological paradigms linked to the history of art and its implications in our time. He studied Visual Arts at the UDLA-Puebla with concentration in printmaking and then lived in Milan, where he connected with the contemporary engraving scene and worked at the Grafica Uno workshop of Giorgio Upiglio and at Atelier 14. Upon his return he directed the Erastus Cortes Museum dedicated to printmaking and received two printmaking scholarships from FONCA State (1998 and 2003). He has also served as professor of printmaking, drawing and aesthetics in different universities and is currently printmaking professor at the Mayagüez University Campus in Puerto Rico.