Poli Marichal, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Whose Liberty? Serigraph

Racism is a thorn that cuts deeply into the the heart of the American Dream and destroys it.

The promise of Liberty and Justice for All that has been used to represent the democratic ideals of the United States of America since it was founded on July 4, 1776, has never been truly honored by the government and by most of the people living in this powerful but flawed nation. Vicious racism, rampant bigotry, irresponsible ignorance and a ruthless and greedy capitalist economic system have deeply undermined the struggle to make this country a beacon of fairness, freedom and equality. We need to raise our voices and protest. We need to boycott any institution, company or business that supports or enables racism, classism and sexism. The real revolution starts when you don’t give them your money, your support and your vote. The time is NOW!


Poli Marichal is a Puerto Rican visual artist, filmmaker and arts educator. After residing for thirty years in Los Angeles, CA, she recently relocated to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Having lived in Barcelona, London, Boston and LA, as well as having travelled extensively, has deeply influenced her world vision and her work. Her prints, paintings, mixed media, films and videos mostly address environmental, social, political and existential concerns through an expressionist lens.

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The Dream Deferred


Poli Marichal