Mizraim Cárdenas • Ulises a la deriva (Ulises adrift), 2018 Grabado en linóleo

This print represents a stream of water dragging everything on its path. A lost road where a truck is gradually submerging and adrift, as in the mythology, among the routes taken by the defiant Ulysses to get lost in the sea in a fatal destine. The incessant movement of the water is an environmentalist message that not even a 4×4 truck can challenge the fury of nature.

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Mizraim Cárdenas (b. 1971 Morelia, Mexico) studied drawing, painting and printmaking with master artist Alfredo Zalce from 1987-1997. From 19901993 he studied integral design at the CEID in Morelia and in 2012 he received his BFA from the U de G. He participated in printmaking workshops in Bilbao, Spain with the BilbaoarteFoundation in 2004 and in 2007 at “multiple international transparencies,” taught by Alicia Candían in Havana, Cuba. He has presented 40 solo exhibitions and participated in more than 100 group shows including Presencia Nacional de Creadores in 1999 at the CNA, México City. Bajo un mismo cielo in Chicago and Graphic Reality: Mexican Printmaking Today in New York City in 2006.