Marzena Ziejka • Poor man who believes…, Screen print; inks containing soil, 2016

Being afraid of a black cat crossing your path seems silly albeit and a bit humorous for myself. Although I cannot fall for and believe such circumstance might create any negative or unpleasant repercussions, I wanted to portray the black bleakness of such occurrence. As a child trying to find an explanation, I had constructed a simple hypothetical story: 1. a man rides a bicycle; 2. a black cat crosses path in front of him; 3. the man becomes so wrapped up in unsettling thoughts descending upon his superstitious persona that he is unable to adequately observe conditions on the route and causes an accident; 4. thus the accident confirms and reinforces his nonsensical beliefs. Poor man who believes…

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Marzena Ziejka (b. 1968 in Poland) attended State Art School in Tarnow. While studying art history, drawing, painting, graphic design, sculpture and tapestry, the latter became a favored direction within her work. For 11 years worked as a professional weaver in Krakow where she turned other artist’s work into tapestries, producing pieces for both private clients and public institutions. She graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow with a Masters in Sociology. In 2000 immigrated to United States. First decade she worked as painter and graphic designer for McLaughlin Glazeware. In 2010 she turned into independent art practice with the use of less conventional materials as a medium. Her recent works explore our relation to the nature as environment we live in with the connection to unsustainable food production and as a prevailing power whose ties we cannot deny.



Superstitions Vol 1


Inks containing Soil, Screen Print


Marzena Ziejka