Juan Guerrero Calderón • De fuego y agua (Of Fire and Water), 2018 Woodcut

The image shows buildings of a city semi submerged in the water, presumably by a tsunami. In the background, several buildings are demolished or burned. It is an apocalyptic image, which shows the unstoppable power of natural forces, especially when they are out of balance. Technically, the medium is woodcut from a plate of cedar wood. Three inks were used in rainbow roll technique.

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Juan Guerrero Calderon is a postgraduate of the Autonomous Metropolitan University UAM in the area of cultural policy and management. Bachelor’s degree in visual arts from the University of Guadalajara, alternates his activity as a teacher and a visual artist. As art teacher he has worked in several cultural institutions and educational entities for more than twenty years. He has presented 30 solo exhibitions and more than 200 collective art exhibitions in diverse latitudes.