Joanna Ruckman & Adán Gutierrez-Gallegos, Location, Our Dreams Serigraphy

In June 2020, Joanna Ruckman and Adan Tope Gutierrez-Gallegos created a mural, “Solidaridad”, commissioned by The Unity Council, on a boarded up storefront near Fruitvale Station in Oakland, at International Blvd and Avenida de Los Fuentes. Their screen printed edition, “Our Dreams”, is a further iteration of the imagery in the mural, representing the hope, pride, optimism and beauty of both African-American and Latinx gente that makeup an overwhelming majority of this neighborhood. In reference to Langston Hughes’s poem, “Dream Deferred” the print actively disrupts the limitations of the term “Dreamer” adopted by the colonial-mindset hegemony that boxes in the Latinx population by an ever-lingering question of “legal vs. illegal”.


Adan Gutierrez-Gallegos and Joanna Ruckman are life “artners”, working as interdisciplinary artists based in Alameda, CA. They have engaged in public printmaking projects with SFPoster Syndicate for the past 5 years, completed several mural projects in the East Bay, public engagements and installations with their Hair Stories project, and are the founding members of SFMAMA (SF Museum of Artists Marginalized by Aristocrats).

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The Dream Deferred


Joanna Ruckman & Adán Gutierrez-Gallegos