Hiromi Stringer • I Receive a “Hello” Through Every Single Cup of Water I Drink, 2018 Etching, aquatint and pigment powder

Some of the molecules from a cup of water which somebody drank 100years ago when he took a break from working in the fields became a part of him, 1000 years ago, and later, some of them became a part of a glass of wine for a wedding reception 800 years ago, and some of those molecules became a part of scoop of water for someone who ran a long distance to deliver a message and then became his sweat 600 years ago, and later, some of the same molecules became a part of a sumi-ink for painting 400 years ago, which then became a part of the water flowing through a steam engine 200 years ago, which became a drop of water in a bath water for a model who worked for Renoir 100 years ago. When I drink a cup of water, I rarely think of its history. However, as scientists agree, water molecules keep on cycling through the atmosphere.

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Hiromi Stringer is a Japanese artist residing in San Antonio, TX. She is an MFA candidate at the University of Texas at San Antonio with multiple merit-based scholarships. She received a BS from Tottori University, Japan. Her focus in artmaking is seeing (and sometimes over-interpreting) the mundane world from different perspectives. She utilizes drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture to visualize her ideas. Her recent solo show at the Southwest School of Art, San Antonio, TX, Umeyama Time Teleportation Museum (UTTM), will be a traveling exhibition including the Nave Museum in Victoria, TX . Her works are in private and corporate collections in Japan and the US.





Aquatint, Etching, Pigment Powder


Hiromi Stringer