Gabriela Juárez • Espejo de Agua (Water Mirror), 2018 Serigraph

Water is a mirror where the soul is reflected when we look at us; where our melancholy, pain, passion and love are reflected as Narciso noted it. Water captures a reality that can be trapped, destroyed, distorted with only a slight vibration, with a little movement, with the breath of the wind, falling another drop of water. Water catches our gaze, captivates our hope, makes us think, sigh, dream as do the sailors adrift. Water is mysterious in its depths as a fertile wound, in which we are formed within water, we grow up being water, and water we are.

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Gabriela Juárez Domínguez (b. Guadalajara, Jalisco) studied Bachelor of Fine Arts in the department of printmaking and art & technology in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Likewise, she conducted drawing and painting workshops in Park Lague Rio de Janeiro, the Community School of Music and Art (CSMA) and Cornell University and in New York. Given her interest in technology she studied in Spain a masters in Information Technology and communications. Gabriela is a transdisciplinary artist who integrates multiple disciplines in a holistic manner and has participated in numerous international exhibitions. She received an honorable mention in the 5th Young Jalisco Art Meet. Currently Gabriela is the Operations Manager for OPEN Center for the Arts and is a member of AmeriCorps at United Way of Metropolitan Chicago.



Gabriela Juárez