Ginette Piché, View in an Animal Mystic Garden (etching)

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Ginette Piché (b. Canada) moved to a small town north of Montreal after living in the Higher Laurentian region for twenty-five years where she was surrounded by rivers and forests. She studied fine arts at Concordia University and at Université du Québec a Montréal. She was a member of an art-in-nature collective and traveled to perform In Situ installations in Canada and abroad. From these trips, she started to make series of prints inspired by the photos and drawings she gathered. Since 1992, Ginette has been a member of Atelier de l’Ile, a printmaking collective studio situated in Val David, Quebec. Her imagery speaks of the beauty, poetry, and grandeur of the land, of the impact of Humankind on Nature and the conflicts that arise when urbanization spreads through pristine wooded areas, altering their destiny and that of its inhabitants, flora and fauna forever.



Bestiary and Nahuales II




Ginette Piché