Christian Dunn, Jacksonville, AL, Maybe it Just Sags Serigraph

While pondering Langston’s poem, I couldn’t help but think about Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech written twelve years later. The juxtaposition of the two dreams is stark. One is full of hope and freedom, while the other seems more raw and weighty. Fifty-seven years later, it seems that we as a nation should have moved forward, but it feels more like the dreams of our brothers and sisters are still a heavy load that just … sags.


Christian Dunn is a designer, educator, and father who comes from a long line of military men and women. Born in the Northwest US, he spent his early childhood in Europe before his family settled in Louisiana. This diverse upbringing has led him to enjoy all forms of art and design. While his main freelance work consists of brand identities and murals, his love is screenprinting posters and T-shirts. T-shirts hold special meaning for him, as he sees them as a piece of wearable art and walking billboards of who you are. He teaches screenprinting and graphic design as an assistant professor in the Department of Art + Design at Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, Alabama. When not designing or teaching, Christian can be found working out with his wife, who is also an artist and educator. He is also often running amok or drawing crazy creatures with his four-year-old son.

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The Dream Deferred


Christian Dunn