Wink Winkler, Birmingham, AL, Explode Serigraph

My art practice focus is characters and anatomy as they relate to storytelling. While using multiple digital mediums from pixels to polygons I try to capture the character’s story. This piece was inspired by the explosion that Langston Hughes set off with his poem that continues to inform the uninformed many years later. While Social injustice is not eradicated this piece is in solidarity that there are people listening and there are others need to start.


William Winkler, affectionately known as Wink, is a digital artist, creative director and instructor in the Department of Art in the Division of Art and Design. Wink has worked for numerous companies large and small in his field. Wink most recently worked on Sesame Street for Theory Studios as a Senior VFX Artist, Senior Character artist for Steamroller Studios, and Director of Production for an animated short “Stashed.” When he is not in the studio or classroom, Wink enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids,  playing video games, building cars, and woodworking.





The Dream Deferred


Wink Winkler