Rodrigo Tavera (Seville, Spain): Día de Muertos, Matadero, 2008

Día de Muertos, Matadero (day of the dead, killing yard). The flesh that feeds us turns into our own flash. We nourish ourselves with the agony of others. A pale future is waiting for us.

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Rodrigo Tavera Mendoza (b. 1968, Morelia, México), works as a painter and graphic artist since 1986. He participated in more than Sixty solo and group exhibitions while doing book illustrations, posters, and specializing in zoology, anatomy and botany. He has illustrated more than thirty scientific books and published his drawings in more than twenty specialized magazines in United States and Europe. His artworks are part of public and private collections in Mexico, Spain, United Status, Canada, Cuba, Paraguay, Austria, France, Australia, England, Germany, Holland and Italy. He currently works in his own shop Astillero/Barcoojo in Seville, Spain where he lives since 1996.



Día de los Muertos: Common Ground




Rodrigo Tavera