Reynaldo I. Santiago, Ibex Postmoderne (linocut)

$ 250.00

Reynaldo I. Santiago (b. Germany) lived in Puerto Rico and other parts of the USA. He has made the Rio Grande Valley his home after years of intense artistic research in the Caribbean. His goal has been to transplant his roots, as many pioneers and immigrants did (and still do) in the quest to improve the basic plan of life for their family. His woodcuts series portrays Rey’s experiences in the border lands on both sides of the Rio Grande. A variety of topics are visually explored in a quest to “cut out” his own place in this time of certain history and unpredictable future. The romantic cut of the gauges flow over the wavy wood, as does the Rio Bravo, taking away anything in its path that is not needed. There is no deep thought. It is simple and direct, as are the shallow cuts on the wood blocks.



Bestiary and Nahuales II




Reynaldo Santiago