Marta González, Dogs (aquatint)

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Marta González Fernández (b. 1975 Madrid, Spain) has a fine arts degree from the University of Seville, having spent the third year at Accademia delle Belle Arti, Urbino (Italy) with an Erasmus scholarship. She moves to United of Kingdom where she receives a Graphic Design Diploma from East London University. While at this university, she began working with printmaking, mainly monotype and collography. In Barcelona she takes her major development with aquatint and photo-etching techniques. Her work can be found in several galleries: La Caja Negra in Madrid, James Kinmont Fine Art in London, and on a permanent basis, in Spain – Soria and Barcelona. She is currently a member of an artists’ collective TPK in Barcelona.



Bestiary and Nahuales I




Marta González Fernández