Tidalectics (2020)

In 2020, Kolijn curated and produced a boxed print portfolio entitled, Tidalectics, which incorporates the work of 11 printmaking artists who collaborated with marine biologists to create artwork related to the ocean. She selected the title – which had been used by Stephanie Hessler in her own book by the same name and referred to a new worldview of the ocean that merges the arts, sciences, history, and environmental studies – to emphasize the cross-disciplinary nature of her project.

With the assistance of Dr. Mark Vermeij, a leading figure in current marine biology research in the Caribbean, Kolijn recruited each of the artists and then matched them with marine biologists, based on the artists’ preferred area of interest.

After a number of virtual interactions, the artists created visual responses to the work of their collaborating scientists. Kolijn partnered with Dr. Forest Rohwer, Principal at Rohwer Lab in San Diego, California, whose research focuses on the role of microbes and viruses in coral reef health and disease. Her piece in the portfolio, Coral Phages: Guardians of the Host or mediators of Infection?, is a photopolymer and zinc intaglio print. She was quick to point out that the scientists involved in the project were delighted that the artists were interested in what they were doing and pleased that their work would reach audiences beyond their scientific disciplines.


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Paper, Ink,Watercolor, Linocut

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