Ilie Vaduva • Archer’s Reflection, 2018 Linocut on handmade paper

The archer reflection is a dynamic composition in which the water reflection will reveal the Alter Ego of the main character as an aquatic creature. The dynamism is created as an effect of the water movement and the character movement. It is a closed dynamic right ascending composition. The focus point of the work is the darkest area in the lower left part where the reflection of the archer is being born. Water, the primordial space, will facilitate the metamorphosis of the character.

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Ilie Vaduva (b. 1979 Romania) started drawing and painting as a child attending art school. Studied mural painting at the high school of art and then graphic arts at the Art University in Timisoara. Vaduva completed extensive work as a decorative and mural painter in both contemporary and traditional styles and has participated in a number of group shows in his native country. He emigrated to USA and he currently resides and works in Chicago IL. Vaduva has developed and perfected his signature mixed media technique that combines transparent layers of oil colors and pen with white ink on canvas. His art combines classic painting techniques with surrealistic concepts and violent contrast of light and dark, where darkness becomes a dominating feature of the image. Depth and drama of his images are highlighted throughout with a spotlight effect. His work has been subject of solo shows in the USA and group shows in USA, Mexico and Romania.







Ilie Vaduva