Ángel Pahuamba • Danza de los Diablos en Cherán (Dance of the Devils in Cheran), 2017 Linocut

The dance of the devils in Cheran is a traditional celebration which has its origin in the pastorals and they are traditional dances in the P’urepecha communities of the Michoacán state. In my town of Cherán, people believe that the persons who do not meet the seven years dancing or participating in the dance of the devils, a curse falls upon them or things go wrong the rest of their lives. People also say that many of those individuals are chased by the same demon and that they can see the demons. Therefore, anyone who wants to participate in this dance has to dance seven consecutive years so that they are not cursed. My father says it is a very old dance and that his grandfather participated in these dances. He also says that participating in this dance was for those with strong will and that not just any one could do it. Personally, for me it is one of the most fun dances.

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Ángel Pahuamba (b. 1978 Cherán, Michoacán, Mexico) graduated from Morelia’s School of Fine Arts he has participated in more than 35 group shows at national and international sites and has presented five solo exhibitions. Angel received acquisition prizes twice from the National Watercolor Salon and the acquisition prize in the Efraín Vargas State Competition for painting and Printmaking. He received Honorable Mention at the Alfredo Zalce National Biennale of Painting and Printmaking in 2011. He develops children’s projects in indigenous communities in Michoacán where he proposes artistic practices as means to achieve a re-valuing cultural identity. He authored the book: “Among Colors, Lines and Little figures,” where he presents a fine arts program for children.



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Ángel Pahuamba